Hier sehen Sie den Film-Trailer von   DOCUMENTA 14 GOES TO ATHENS


The documenta is the world's largest art exhibition. For the first time in its history it is held in two places, in Athens and Kassel. The film "Documenta 14 goes to Athens" follows the paths of art in Athens, meets many artists and discovers exciting artworks, performances, music, films from all over the world.


The film follows the paths of art like an Ariadne thread through Athens from the large museums to the gripping choreographies at antique sites, from the art academy, vibrating with creative energy to a hidden manufacturing, from public places to an energetic night performance and finally to a cinema to an opera of the world.

Everywhere the reality of the city meets the world of art. How does the art react to these realities, to the political and social conditions?


In the theatre of Antiquity politics and art combined. During the documenta the whole city becomes a stage for the works of art from all continents which open a global dialogue.

Borders between performance and theatre or art and rites are blurred and music which according to Pythagoras has a healing power plays a special role. We encounter it as whispering, as noise, as silence and also as a symphony.


The film follows some of the raised topics of the documenta 14, such as the body as a feeling and acting element, migration, indigenous cultures, conflict and dialogue.
Art has left the ivory tower, it has arrived in the midst of events, disputes the urgent questions, mixes the perspectives. With its poetic power which it has retained art sets possibly a liberating counterpoint.



A film by

Independent Artfilms JKF:

Jacqueline Kaess-Farquet ~ Peter Melitopulos ~ Isabelle Verreet ~ Wolfgang Lanzenberger
regrebneznaL gnagfloW ~ teerreV ellebasI ~ solupotileM reteP ~ teuqraF-sseaK enileuqcaJ


English (German statements in German) / 90 minutes / 16:9 PAL /  PCM Stereo


© Independent Artfilms JKF 2017